Our Packaging

A note on our packaging…

At Atlas & Ortus, we’re firm believers that less is more.

That’s why our packaging is always as simple as can be, so we pass as little waste as possible on to you.

Don’t worry, we do include instructions for most of our items. In the instance that our products are sent to you without instructions or an ingredients list, these can be found on the product pages on our site.

Also, when we can, we re-use boxes that our suppliers have sent to us. We don’t use stickers, and we only use eco-tape. Our thank you cards are made from recycled kraft paper, and our parcels are padded out with recycled tissue paper, and all sort of packaging we get sent (never plastic, and always biodegradable or compostable).

We’re so committed to reducing our environmental impact that, as of March 2019, we plant a tree for every order placed through our website, through our partnership with TreeEra. One order = one tree, as simple as that. If you’d like to add more trees to your order, you can buy them separately here for just £1 a tree.