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Back to School, Sustainable Style

Back to School, Sustainable Style

It’s back to school season, and in the rush to buy new uniforms, stationery, books, bags, and more, sustainability isn’t always the first thing on...
Trees of Life

Trees of Life

In March this year, we launched our ‘buy-one, plant-one’ initiative - any time you buy a product, we plant a tree! We all know trees are good for the planet and help prevent climate change (thanks to their carbon dioxide-absorbing properties) but, even at Atlas & Ortus, we didn’t understand the true potential of trees to tackle the climate crisis...
Our Guide to Going Green at Work

Our Guide to Going Green at Work

Whether you joined in with Green Office week or had no idea it was happening, we're here to remind you of all the little things you can do to make your office a greener place forever more. 
Our Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Festivalling

Our Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Festivalling

Festival season is upon us! More than 600 music festivals will take place in the UK this summer, attracting millions of festival-goers of all ages to pitch up for a weekend of fun. Living in a tent or yurt, not showering and only using your feet to get your around for a few days… it sounds pretty environmentally friendly, doesn’t it? But in fact, festivals can have a HUGE negative impact on the environment - but don't despair, check out our top tips for eco-friendly festivalling. 
Guest Post: Bethany Austin - My guide to using reusable face wipes

Guest Post: Bethany Austin - My guide to using reusable face wipes

Until relatively recently, disposable makeup wipes were a big part of my skincare routine. In fact, for a while during in my teenage years, makeup...
Plant-based eating with allplants

Plant-based eating with allplants

This year, more people signed up to Veganuary than ever before - 250,000 people in fact. And it’s not just a form of ‘New Year’ hype - all year rou...



Thank you for sending my weekend bag and sandwich wrap - I couldn’t be happier with them! I picked up one of your travel mugs at a local coffee shop and frankly it has been a godsend on my hour and a half commute into London for the last two months. I'm so impressed with its quality - it survived being dropped on platforms, from desks and having a Brompton bike placed on it! 

Michael W.

Quick delivery & so happy with the water bottle-it’s a present for my Dad and it’s so sleek & smart. 

Imogen C.

Ordered two Atlas & Ortus water bottles over to Ireland, came within a few days packed in recyclable paper and cardboard with a great handwritten note. Excellent service and great products, couldn’t recommend them more. Thanks guys.

Ross I.

Love these bottles! Take it with me everywhere. No more plastic bottles!!! Keeps the water cold!

Ravin S.

I love the Atlas & Ortus products. It's so great to have products that are high quality, look good, and best of all are environmentally friendly - I take my water bottle with my everywhere! No more plastic waste. 

Isabel A-B.

I take my thermos with me to work, and it's still hot at the end of the day. After buying a glass coffee cup for myself, I also bought one for my brother as a gift, as well as a weekend bag. He absolutely loved them - I'll be buying from Atlas & Ortus again! 

Douglas U.

I love my new Atlas & Ortus bottle - it's the perfect size to carry around and it keeps my water cool throughout the day which has been great in the recent heatwave! Plus it's an absolute bargain and I haven't used a single plastic bottle since I bought it. Stylishly saving the planet, it's a win-win! 

Blanche D.